Mondaine Stop2go

Every watch brand always has to think about it’s contribution to the world of Horology, that will be unique & original.

The Mondaine Stop2go provides this uniqueness.

What I love about the Mondaine Stop2go is that it tells a story & has a unique feature.

Mondaine is the exclusive licensee of the Official Swiss Railways Watch from the Federal Swiss Railways SBB.


This watch is clearly inspired by the clock in the Swiss railways, it has a simple classic clock design which is clear & beautiful.

What’s unique & very cool in my opinion is the Stop2go feature that will always stick out when we speak about Mondaine.

Although this watch is Quartz, The second-hand movement is similar to an automatic watch, sweeping smooth movement.

The seconds hand turns full circle in 58 seconds and then pauses at 12 o’clock for two seconds for the black minute hand to move on then it continues on. That’s why it’s called Stop2Go.


Looks simple? well… not really.

Regular Quartz movement works with only one motor controlling the hands movement. To achieve this complicated feature Mondaine stop2go has two synchronized motors, one to move the second hand & the other motor to release the minute hand jump and to turn the hour hand.

The idea behind this is to create a synchronized system across all the railway clocks, also the trains in the Swiss railway leaves only at the top of the minute, which reflects the Swiss precision & being on time culture.

Mondaine Stop2Go


If you are looking for a reliable dressy watch under 1000$ with a unique feature & a backstory. Mondaine Stop2Go is the best option.

Some technical info!
• Swiss Quartz Movement Mondaine cal 58-02 stop2go
• Time – second stop at 12 ‘clock
• Screwed case back, individually numbered
• Stainless steel case 41 mm
• Anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal
• Genuine leather strap
• Water resistant tested to 3 ATM
• Swiss made
• Reference number A512.30358.16SBB.

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