The Swatch Sistem51

Want a nice affordable Swiss Automatic watch?

Look no further, it’s definitely the Swatch Sistem51!

In 2013 at Baselworld, Swatch introduced a revolutionary Automatic watch movement. Swatch is known for it’s reliable quartz funky watches that you can easily spot on anyone’s wrist. The Swatch Sistem51 however has much more to it than a normal watch & it satisfies a large audience of watch lovers.

Swatch Sistem51 

The Sistem51 is a fully Automatic watch that consists only of 51 components, Hence the name.

In the world of watchmaking, this low number of components in an automatic watch movement is quite challenging.

All the 51 components are attached to a central main screw, which you can see in the clear case back of all the Sistem51 watches with its quirky funky colors. Typical Swatch!

Sistem51 Case Back with central Screw

It never needs servicing!


Since its completely manufactured by machines, the movements are completely air sealed & unaffected by environmental conditions. That’s why this watch doesn’t need servicing.

This movement offers a generous 90 hours power reserve & 100% Swiss Made.

The six red signature dots on the dials of the Sistem51 corresponds to the location of 6 jewels out of the 19 jewels in the watch.

The models of the watch evolved since the launch of the watch in 2013 & now you can choose between a Plastic case or Sistem51 IRONY ( Stainless steel Case).

Part Of The Sistem51 Plastic Collection
Part Of The Sistem51 IRONY Collection


in 2017 HODINKEE collaborated with Swatch to create a special edition of the Sistem51, I proudly own one of those & it’s really fun watch to wear.

The Swatch Sistem51 HODINKEE Edition

If you are looking for a quick treat for yourself. The System51 is the answer. Its Swiss, Automatic & affordable. Hey it just ticks all the boxes!

Visit Swatch to learn more & Enjoy this video by Swatch demonstrating the structure of the System51 watch.


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