Meet The Most Expensive Vintage Tudor

The last few years were, well I can’t find another word than CRAZY!! in the vintage watch world & auctions .

October 24th 2018 marks a new record set for the amazing brand Tudor. A very rare 1958 Tudor Big Crown Submariner Ref. 7924 sold by the Heritage Auctions House in New York City for $162,500.

Tudor Big Crown Submariner Ref. 7924 – Image by Heritage Auctions

So what’s so special about this watch?


Tudor Big Crown Submariner Ref. 7924 Back– Image by Heritage Auctions

First of all this watch is a dream for any collector because of it’s originality, this watch till today is exactly as it was purchased with All the original parts.

Image by Heritage Auctions

Usually watch owners over the years will send their watches for servicing & the brand will replace parts if they are not functioning well or had some wear. This watch has none of the parts replaced & all in original condition, which make it a very rare piece. On top of that this watch was produced for one year only which is 1958.

Image by Heritage Auctions

This reference’s red triangle bezel is so rare because when this ref. was sent to Tudor for servicing usually the brand will change the Bezel with a white triangle instead of Red. So having this watch with it’s original red triangle bezel plus the Pearl is still intact is unbelievable!

lf (1)
Image by Heritage Auctions

Enjoy this Video from Heritage Auctions House Explaining the importance of this watch before the auction took place.


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