Remember This Date!

December 10 2019, will be a historical day…

In the world of Horology there’s a list of lost masterpieces. Watches that are part of our history, worn by the most influential people in our world, but till today some of these watches no one knows where they reside & they still remain a Mystery!

Most famously, the watch that landed on the Moon worn by one of the most famous Astronauts Buzz Aldrin the OMEGA SPEEDMASTER

Buzz Aldrin

Another historical watch is John Lennon’s yellow Gold Patek Philippe chronograph reference 2499/100, that perhaps he received as a gift on his 40th Birthday.

John Lennon on his 40th Birthday, in New York City wearing his yellow gold Patek Philippe Triple Date Moonphase. Image: Jake’s Patek Philippe World

Another iconic musician, the Jazz legend Miles Davis’s watch the Breitling Navitimer, captured wearing it for nearly 30 years, the world still has no information on the location of this watch.

Miles Davis wearing his famous Breitling Navitimer

Well, this year one of the most iconic watches belonging to a legendary man was finally found!

This year PHILLIPS Auction House has announced that it will be auctioning Marlon Brando’s long lost Rolex GMT-Master worn in his 1979 movie “Apocalypse Now“.

“Apocalypse Now” Movie Poster

The auction, called “GAME CHANGERS” will take place on the 10th of December 2019 in New York city.

This will definitely be a “Game Changer “, as watch enthusiasts were looking for this watch for a very long time. Brando had the watch till 1995, until he gave it as a gift to his daughter Petra Brando Fischer.

In in 2003 Petra gifted the watch to her husband Russel Fischer, which he kept it in a drawer & never wore it.

Marlon Brando with Petra Brando Fischer and Russel Fischer in 1998. Credit: Petra Brando Fischer (

It’s Marlon Brando so of course the watch has a lot of character & uniqueness, let’s have a look at the obvious ones!

Missing Bezel

During filming in the Philippines, Brando was advised by a member of the production crew to take off the Rolex, because it seemed too luxurious & flashy for an Army officer based in an isolated place in the jungle.

Brando’s Reply was:

“If they’re looking at my watch, then I’m not doing my job as an actor.”

Marlon Brando on the Set of Apocalypse Now

But Brando got rid of the Bezel, which gave it this unique look. (Read our Article on the record breaking Bezel-less Submariner)



Brando added his special touch by engraving his name on the case-back ” m.Brando “

image: Phillips

This watch was among the list of the lost iconic watches in history, along side the now found Paul Newman Daytona that fetched $17.5 million!

“I just feel like it’s lost in our drawer at home,”

Petra Fischer to the New York Times in this story

After Petra heard about this, she realized that she had something exceptional in her hand & decided to bring the world’s attention to this beautiful watch.

To set your expectations, Paul Boutros, head of watches for Phillips said that bidding will start in the six figure. Giving us a little idea of where this watch is going.

Paul Boutros, Head of Americas & International Strategy at Phillips Auction House – image:

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