Seiko’s 2020 Dive Watches – Part 1

This two part article, we will have a look at all 2020 Seiko’s Dive watches releases.

This year was very special one for the Japanese giant and all dive watch lovers. Celebrating 55 years of Dive watches we have some very interesting models released to remember this unique anniversary!

Seiko’s Anniversary Logo – image: Seiko

The Seiko Prospex Black Series Limited Editions SLA035J1, SPB125J1 and SSC761J1

SLA035J1, SPB125J1 and SSC761J1 – image: seiko

1. SLA035J1


With a nice touches of red color on the seconds hand & the depth of 300m. The watch comes in a large case of 43mm and a ceramic bezel. Having high quality touches from Grand Seiko’s watches like the case finishing method called Zaratsu polishing and a similar movement to Grand Seiko’s caliber 9S55, a high-quality Automatic with manual winding capacity movement Caliber 8L35 with 50 hours power reserve.

The watch was released in March 2020, limited to only 600 pieces comes with a black silicone strap. Price $2,900

Seiko SLA035J1 Lume -image: seiko

2. SPB125J1

SPB125J1 – image: Seiko

The second diver release in the Black series edition is the SPB125J1 nicknamed “SUMO”. Cream hours markers and an orange coloured minutes hand with Seiko’s caliber 6R35 automatic movement and 200m depth.

The watch was released in February 2020, limited to 7000 pieces comes with a black silicone strap. Price $850.

3. SSC761J1

The third, similar to SUMO’s design but a chronograph solar movement type, caliber V192. The watch was released in February 2020, limited to 3,500 pieces comes with a black silicone strap.

For more information on Seiko’s Prospex Black Series 2020 Limited Edition watches, please visit Seiko Here.

Continuing on Seiko’s Dive watches 55 years anniversary celebrations, for the Blue color lovers & vintage inspired watches. Three limited editions “First Diver” recreations of iconic models from 1965, 1968, and 1975. All limited to 1,100 pieces.

image: seikowatches

1. The 1965 Diver’s Re-creation SLA037

Seiko’s first ever dive watch was released in 1965, 55 years ago hence the anniversary. The first watch of this release is the recreation of this model.

The watch has been recreated before in 2017 ( SLA017 model ) in black color, but this year’s model has a blue dial with a new grade of stainless steel case “Ever-Brilliant Steel”. Fitted with Automatic and manual winding capacity movement caliber 8L55, the watch is 39.9 mm.

SLA037 case back – image: seikowatches

Available from July 2020, the watch price is $6,300.

2. The 1968 Professional Diver’s 300m Re-creation SLA039J1

The 1968 Seiko’s professional divers was the first Seiko high-beat diver’s watch, an iconic model now with a 10-beat high precision automatic movement 8L55 caliber and a 44mm one piece case.

SLA039J1 caseback – image: seikowatches

Available from August 2020, the watch price is $6,800.

3. The 1975 Professional Diver’s 600m Re-creation SLA041J1

In 1975 Seiko introduced the world’s first titanium cased diver’s watch, the Professional Diver’s 600m. This year Seiko reissues this tough watch to celebrate this iconic model. The SLA041J1 model has a titanium one-piece case and the outer case material is made out of zirconia ceramic which is seven times harder than steel. Seiko upgraded the water resistance to 1,000m.

SLA041J1 Caseback – image:seikowatches

Available from September 2020, the watch price is $4,500.



Three variations of the iconic Seiko Ref. 6105, which was worn by Japanese adventurer Naomi Uemura when he went on a of 12,000 kilometers journey on a solo dog-sled run from Greenland to Alaska that took eighteen months.

Naomi Uemura – Image: seikowatches

The SLA033 is the only limited edition watch in the re-creation with 2,500 pieces. Comes with the Caliber 8L35 automatic movement.

SLA033 – image:seikowatches

The other two models are non limited editions SPB151 with a stainless steel bracelet and black dial and SPB153 a beautiful green dial and bezel with a black silicone strap, both fitted with the caliber 6R35 movement that provides 70-hour power reserve.

The SPB151 priced at $1,300 and the SPB153 priced at $1,100.

For more information on the 1970 Automatic Diver’s Re-creations please visit Seiko watches Here

Tune in next week for Part 2!

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