Dan Henry

If you are into vintage watches or love watches in general, you have to visit this website www.timeline.watch

The owner of this website is Dan Henry & he’s a serious watch collector!

Dan collects watches for more than 30 years & he now owns more than 1,500 watches.

He wanted to share his passion with the world so he created this amazing website to showcase all his vintage watches & write a short description & a bit of history on the watch. This website became an Encyclopedia for vintage watches.

Timeline has watch models from the year 1900 till the year 2000, covering 100 years!


Watch lovers can become members on the website, submit pictures & description & it will be added to this amazing vintage watch digital museum.

That wasn’t it for Mr. Henry, He also started his own brand of limited edition vintage-inspired watches holding his name on danhenrywatches.com

Dan Henry Watches Website

Dan Henry watches collection consists of six watch models, every model is named after the year the watch design was inspired from & every watch is a limited edition depending on the year. For example, the model called 1970, is limited to 1970 pieces only.

Let’s have a quick look at the collection!

1939 Military Chronograph

1939 Military Chronograph

This watch is inspired by the military watches at that time, soldiers used to time & calculate the distances of enemies using the watch features. Watches at that time saved lives!

It comes in a 41mm case with a Miyota 6S21 quartz (Japan) movement with smooth motion center Chrono hand & two dial colors, white & black.

Watch price is 220$ & limited to 1939 pieces.

1947 Dress Watch

1947 new.png
1947 Dress Watch

After World War II was over & peace replaced the atmosphere, more dressy elegant watches emerged dedicated to a civilian lifestyle.

The 1947 comes with a Seiko Quartz VD78 Japan Movement & a 40mm case.

Watch price is 220$ & limited to 1947 pieces.

1963 Pilot Chronograph

1963 Pilot Chronograph

In the 60’s, flying became a hobby & not only for fighting. This is a beautiful watch that comes in two different bezel colors, black & silver.

The watch is 42.5mm & comes with a Miyota 6S20 quartz (Japan) chronograph Movement with smooth motion center seconds, watch seconds, 60-min and decimal subdials.

Price of the 1963 is 230$ & limited to 1963 pieces.

1968 Dragster Chronograph

1968 Dragster Chronograph

When you look at the 1968 model, Speed is what comes to your mind, it is simple & beautiful design inspired by the late 60’s era.

The watch is 41mm & comes with a Miyota 6S20 quartz (Japan) movement with smooth motion center seconds chronograph and seconds subdial

Price of the 1968 is 200$ & limited to 1968 pieces.

1970 Automatic Diver

1970 Automatic Diver

The 1970 is the only Automatic model in the collection, it’s clearly inspired from the vintage dive watches with beautiful custard numerals that excites any watch collector.

This watch comes in a 40mm & 44mm case, with two colors of the inner bezel in grey & orange. The inner bezel rotates in both directions with the 2 o’clock crown while the 4 o’clock crown adjusts the date and time.

Price of the 1970 is 250$ & limited to 1970 pieces.

1964 Gran Turismo Chronograph

1964 Gran Turismo Chronograph


The most recent edition to Dan Henry’s collection is the 1964 Gran Turismo Chronograph.

The watch that wakes up the driver in all of us, with elegant sporty design

Comes with four beautiful vintage inspired dials with beads of rice stainless bracelet & a choice of nine colors of leather straps, What else could you want!


A 38mm case with Seiko (Japan) caliber VK63 meca-quartz with smooth motion & center chrono hand and instant reset.

Price of the 1964 is 250$ & limited to 1964 pieces.

side dh.png


In the world of new emerging watch brands, If you are looking for a high quality watch under 500$, Dan Henry collection is a perfect choice for you. It’s a limited edition, unique brand with a nice story behind it.

Click here For more info.

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